The Publishing Company

Alicia started a print publishing company called ada enup in 1999, which has both publishing (for books with unique content) and self-publishing options (for companies and authors). The company has ventured into e-books with The Right Mind for Golf and now A Good Night's Sleep. Upcoming children's books will also  be available in digital versions.

NEW RELEASE! The incredible anti-bullying, confidence-exploding books for kids! Song and Audio book CD included.

Coming in  2017 / 2018:  Elke Weiss' How to Prey... A delightful, whimsical Judaic children's book about how to make sure your food does not escape you!

Print only. Available from Intersoft.

NEW RELEASE! Help your children choose to sleep in their own beds with this gorgeously illustrated book!

NEW RELEASE! This updated andexpanded edition is now in bookstores!

Print only. Possibly available from the SA National Eisteddfod Academy .

NEW RELEASE!  This expanded second edition explores information on the various tribes... their genealogies, histories, interactions, important traditions and translated praise songs.

Print only. First edition to be released end2017.

Available in both print (third edition) and e-book (based on third print edition)