2017 11 March

  • Lana Jacobson's A Good Night's Sleep was launched at Bargain Books Fourways Crossing today! She did two readings, enthralling kids of different ages as they discovered how Gabriel decided to sleep the night through in his own bed.

2016 February 09:

  • The 02 February course was a very intimate one. Many people cancelled on the day for various reasons, which left a very small class. With the extra time that this created, the course ended up including an NLP process for each participant. Much transformation ensued. The next course is Tuesday 08 March.

2016 January 19:

  • Darin the Magician attended the 18 Jan course. Read what he had to say in the Guest Text column on the right.
  • The year is already starting to fly with parents learning magical communication. Last night's course, at All About Food, was energetic and fun, and we covered many topics like preventing tantrums, car seat smartness and wonderful techniques for the times when a child says "Mommy I can't do that!”. To add extra tools to your toolbox and learn how you can help your child be self-confident and happy, make time and book yourself on a course

2015 December 17:

  • Parents and children can go through emotional upheavals if divorce happens. The Divorce Source is an excellent support site for South African mothers, pioneered by the open-hearted Stacey Zaidel Lewis. Check out her thoughts on how children from divorced homes can benefit from Powerful!

    2015 December 16:

    • It's up! If you missed it, now you can listen to the Chai FM podcast on Powerful  that was recorded live on 02 December 2015.

    2015 December 07:

    2015 November 28:

    2015 November 21:

    2015 November 11:

    • Up-coming NLP Courses: Parents and Magical Communication are happening respectively on Friday 27th November and a Tuesday afternoon early December! Space is limited, so book early
    • Fabulous NLP Language course happened on 20th November! Thank you to every one who participated!

    2015 November 04:

    2015 October 24: 

    • Powerful, a unique book/song/action anti-bullying tool for very young children, is coming early 2016 
    • Alicia's first full-length work, Innerone, will be released in Oct 2016

    2014 October 10: The Right Mind for Golf e-book is having an incremental promotion, starting on Monday 13 October and ending on the Sunday! It will sell for 99 American cents on Monday,  with the price rising gradually through the week. If you're a golfer or have friends/ colleagues who want to have their psyches right for the game of kings, this is a smart time to get your hands on such a thoughtful gift!

    2014 October 02: The Mysterious Jagg  is now available free from Smashwords! I hope you enjoy it - let me know.

    2014 August 29:  A lot has happened this morning. Innerone has been uploaded for pre-release on Smashwords. I have added a Goodreads button to my About and Contact page on this website and I am searching for the 81 people who downloaded Cheery Red so that I can give them a coupon for Innerone. If you are one of them and would like a coupon, please e-mail me.

    2014 August 20: By the middle of September The Mysterious Jagg  should be available for free from Smashwords!

    2014 August 19: Cheery Red  is  published! It's free for download at Smashwords.

    2014 July 06: The Right Mind for Golf  e-book edition published! Find it on Amazon.



    02 Dec 2015

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    07 Dec 2015

    Guest TEXT

    19 JAN 2016

    E-mail from Darin McDowall (aka Darin the Magician):

    “Being a magician, I spend a lot of time with youngsters. Bullying and self-esteem have always been an issue for kids, even more so these days. Not enough is being done to help with this so I was very excited to hear that you have put together a program and especially one that is aimed at younger children. Prevention is better than cure so getting the message to them at an earlier age is vital. The song that you have written is strong and exciting and I can see kids just loving to sing along and participate. The moral in the story is easy to follow and the song will provide young ones with a ‘powerful’ tool to cope with victimisation and low esteem; your book and CD combination is going to be a hit. I encourage new parents or parents who are looking for advice and help with their parenting to do this course.”