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  • A Parents and Magical Communication morning workshop will begin again in April 2017. Check this space for details.
  • A brand new workshop for graduate parents and teachers, Embedding  Magical Communication, is in the works....
Parents and Magical Communication
Date: Undecided

Starts: 09:00 – 12:00 (arrive 15 min before start please!)
Where: Details provided with booking

Cost: R500 per person.

Space is limited; payment books places.


Parents who have done the workshop know how life-changing and relationship affirming it can be. The course, which is for all parents and focuses on parents of young children, gives you tools to communicate in such a way that you can be a better parent and have happier times with your kids more of the time. You’ll also learn tools that will you help you:

  • prevent tantrums before they start;
  • deal with sudden tantrums;
  • support a child who says : "Mommy I can’t";
  • get children to sleep more easily;
  • get children into the car seat without a fuss;
  • learn effective discipline techniques and consequences;
  • Help your child feel self-confident and continue to build their confidence; and
  • gain tools to help yourself be more patient, feel more competent and feel more relaxed.

All parents who wish to be better parents are invited to attend a three hour course which, when you put into practice, will make family life much happier and easeful.

Remember to bring with you specific situations you’d like to resolve or transform. As we go along, we will apply the techniques to those situations, so that you walk out of the room with tangible ways of handling them.

BE WARNED: Applying what you learn in this course in everyday conversation will transform your relationships!

Course Testimonials

"I highly recommend the course. It is very enlightening and forces you to have language awareness and to consider its effectiveness. The anti-bullying concepts were mind-blowing. Really a whole new way of thinking for me."

Jodi Neu-Ner | Parent | Lawyer

"An amazing, jam-packed, empowering short course that left me wanting more."

Samantha Behrmann | Parent | Industrial Psychologist

"Thank you for an enlightening evening. The information is brilliant and the tools I've walked away with are life-changers."

Leemor Daniel Lombard | Parent | Founder I Play I Learn

"Brilliant work. Your short course was excellent."

Dean Abro | Parent | 32Gi Founder

"I would like to highly highly recommend Alicia Thomas-Woolf's NLP workshop on her 'Powerful' system and how to communicate effectively, especially with your children. It was interesting, informative and experiential. An absolute must for any parent."

Stacey Zaidel Lewis | Parent | The Divorce Source

"You are amazing. Thanks so much for your informative workshop! Your Powerful anti-bullying system is ground breaking. It puts the kids in their power. I believe it will be massive, a world wide phenomenon.”

Tanya Sachs | Parent | International Professional Image Consultant, Trainer and Speaker

"Loved the course and have had some positive experiences this week just by using some of your tools. Go out there and make the world a better place and help as many moms as you can to help their kids feel powerful."

Sara Abro | Parent | 32Gi Specialist | Event Coordinator

"I highly recommend Alicia's NLP workshop to all moms and dads who would like to communicate better with their children. Alicia provided practical, useful examples and tools on how to enable us to to talk to our children so they will listen. The Powerful story and song added to the course tremendously by providing an energetic, empowering means of dealing with bullying."

Michal Sirton | Parent

“Being a magician, I spend a lot of time with youngsters. Bullying and self-esteem have always been an issue for kids, even more so these days. Not enough is being done to help with this so I was very excited to hear that you have put together a program and especially one that is aimed at younger children. Prevention is better than cure so getting the message to them at an earlier age is vital. The song that you have written is strong and exciting and I can see kids just loving to sing along and participate. The moral in the story is easy to follow and the song will provide young ones with a ‘powerful’ tool to cope with victimisation and low esteem; your book and CD combination is going to be a hit. I encourage new parents or parents who are looking for advice and help with their parenting to do this course.”

Darin McDowall | Parent | Entertainer | Darin the Magician



How to get the best out of your students; inspire them, support them and help them focus.

"On Monday afternoon the 19 October the teaching staff attended a lecture given by Alicia Thomas-Woolf on NLP, Neuro Linguistic Programming.  It was a most informative and worthwhile lecture on how to talk so others listen, how to reframe what you say by stressing the positive, not to use negative words, to anchor your instruction with a  specific time. She also read the book she had authored on Bullying and the teachers interactively performed  ‘Power Poses’ to her song on how to empower yourself against a bully.  One cannot change the bully, but you can change your reaction to them. Thank you Alicia!"  

Minnie Bersohn Pre-Primary School, 2015


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