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Kitty is having a hard time at school

Doggy and Giraffe are being mean to Kitty. Kitty feels so many different things - bad, sad, scared and mad. What can Kitty do to feel powerful instead?

This book, with accompanying CD and action instructions, was written specifically for three-year-olds and works well for older children too. When the book, song and actions are used together, children learn how to deal with negative emotions. Crafted using NLP and power poses for a real life situation, the system builds your child's self-esteem to help prevent them from being bullied; giving the ability to react with self-confidence to being bullied; as well as finding a balance so that they won't bully others. Coming 2016.


How deep would you go to reclaim yourself? 

An emotionally  scarred woman decides to take a journey to find her abused inner child. She thinks she knows what it takes. She thinks she knows what she needs to do. She goes on the journey she expects. After all, it's her meditation, her body and her mind. Isn't it?

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The Newborn Baby Checkbook

"If only I had known..." all new moms, especially this one.

Ignorance is not your friend. If you could know just a few things that would substantially change being a new parent for the better, wouldn't you want that awareness?

The Newborn Baby Checkbook was created along the Pareto principle, that 20% of what you need to know will save you 80% of the time.  It has been in the making over two years. It was begun after a difficult pregnancy, birth and subsequent newborn illness. Since then it has been added to, edited and checked by three doctors (one GP, one paediatrician and one psychologist) after another pregnancy, birth and subsequent newborn illness. Short, simple and humorous, this book was written to help all new parents, containing the most important things that this parent wished that she had known, that new parents generally don't know. Innovatively, it also provides a check space used to ascertain your own newborn's continued health, with time-specificinformation that your paed will appreciate should your baby need to see one.

I Spy

This poetry book was first published in 2002, from poems written in the preceding ten years. It was a short print run which quickly sold out. The poems were read to a packed audience in Atlanta on Oct 4, 2003.

The National Eisteddfod Association subsequently used two of these poems in its programme.

New print and e-book editions will be created sometime in 2016. 

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Cherry Red

Jane doesn't remember 

Jane doesn't know that she doesn't remember. She seldom talks, much less questions her life, a life with a boring half day job and an overbearing mother. But when she is forced to go on a blind date, questions make a surprise appearance... and her boring life is threatened with frightening answers.

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The Mysterious Jagg

All's fair in love and politics...

It's election time in Heelcliff and in the arena of politics, it's a free-for-all of lies and slander. Newspaper delivery nit, Munchnit, is in the thick of things. The Nits of Heelcliff are not happy with the news he's delivering, his grandmother is about to ambush him and the track of his life is set to take a sharp zig with the arrival of a mysterious (and drop-dead gorgeous) Jagg.

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No matter how bad the situation is, we all have options...

Let's say that we humans have poisoned the world to such an extent that each person has to detoxify every day or die an unpleasant, messy death. Let's say that jobs are scarce and detoxifying is expensive. Let's say that for you, money is in short supply. What are your options? This very short story, of a futuristic dystopia, is free.

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